Don’t give sermons on education: Bukhari’s retort to Gen Rawat

Don’t give sermons on education: Bukhari’s retort to Gen Rawat
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Says army’s meddling in state affairs unacceptable

SRINAGAR: A day after Army chief General Bipin Rawat said that only a map of India should be taught in Kashmir schools, instead of it being accompanied by one of the Jammu and Kashmir state, Education Minister Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari on Saturday told the general to confine himself to the mandate he has been given by the Constitution of India.
“We know how to run our education system. The Constitution of India has given different roles to different people. I would be glad if they (the Army) do what they are supposed to do and leave us to do what we are supposed to do,” said Bukhari on the sidelines of a function at Kothibagh Higher Secondary School here.
Rawat had said on Friday that some schools in Jammu and Kashmir were allegedly teaching students with two maps, one of India and another of the state, the Hindustan Times reported.
“The Army chief is a respected and well-decorated officer of this country. He is a professional, and there is no doubt on his professionalism. I don’t think he is an educationist that he will give sermons on education. I think he doesn’t mean what he said,” Bukhari said.
“I would welcome sermons from academicians on how to run the education system. Education is a subject on the State List and not on the Concurrent List and falls well within the domain of the state,” said Bukhari, adding that no society will accept sermons on education from non-academicians.
He said that J&K has a capable chief minister who supervises and takes review of different departments.
“If she finds any reasons for improvement, she can pinpoint and order for corrective measures as well.”
“I think those sermonising us should do their duties in a more professional manner so as to ease the sufferings of a common man in Jammu and Kashmir,” he added
He said trespassing over the defined mandate is tantamount to committing brazen injustice with duties assigned to people by the Constitution. “Army has its own role and let them play the same with utmost responsibility,” he observed.
Bukhari said that his department’s priorities include plugging loopholes, if any, in the education system and that significant success had been achieved on that front. “We have our own education system and we will fix our own problems, if any. Those who are not experts on education should desist from making unnecessary comments. They cannot tell us to have one or two maps. This is totally unwarranted and unacceptable,” Bukhari remarked.

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  1. G. Din   January 20, 2018 at 9:14 pm

    If your educational system turns out graduates with inclination towards separatism and treason, it is the sacred duty of all citizens, India’s COAS amongst them, to raise heckles. No one, howsoever qualified, has a license to put national security into jeopardy.