VC JKCL stresses improving work efficiency to enhance corporation revenue

VC JKCL stresses improving work efficiency to enhance corporation revenue

Reviews JKCL functioning

SRINAGAR: Vice Chairman (VC) JKCL held a meeting to review the functioning of Jammu & Kashmir Cements Limited (JKCL).
According to an official handout, the liabilities uptill 2016 ending was Rs120 crore, however, with various measure during the current financial year (upto November2017), the liabilities have reduced to the extent of Rs 82.81 crore.
The main pollution control devices viz. Reverse Air Bag House (RABH) in respect of new plant and Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)/Gas Conditioning Tower (GCT) for old plant are working properly after complete maintenance and modification with the investment of Rs1.50 crore. The emission levels from the stacks of the said major devices are within permissible limits as per norms set by State Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board, the handout read.
The JKCL management has assured that the production and sales targets fixed for the current financial year will be achieved by end of 31st March 2018.
The management informed that the production, sales and revenue figures for the current financial year 2017-18 upto ending December 2017 (nine months) were encouraging in comparison to the achievements made during the last three years
The VC was informed that for 2017-18 (upto 31 Dec 2017), JKCL produced 104525.00 MTs of cement, while 111701.70 MTs were sold for the same period, and the corporation recorded a revenue amount of Rs 90,30,00,000 cr. While for previous year, 91019.00 MTs were produced, and 92207.30 MTs were sold for the same year, earning a revenue of Rs 72,24,76,110 cr. It was informed that for 2017-18, and 2016-17 the clinker production was 93585 MTs, and 77502 MTs, respectively.
The vice chairman stressed to improve the efficiency in every field, be it, clinker and cement production to generate more sales and in-turn to enhance revenue for the corporation.
Yatoo was optimistic about JKCL becoming the biggest manufacturing industry in the near future and reposed full trust among the workers and the management of the corporation, the handout added.

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