Strange and Summary Suspension

Strange and Summary Suspension
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Mysterious are the ways of the administration in Kashmir. In theory and, in practice, roughly speaking, administrative concepts and tools are a means to an end. But, here these are mistaken as an end in themselves. This assertion or even assessment is validated by the summary removal and then attachment of the erstwhile Direction of Sher e Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS). It may be recalled that the scalps of three other doctors had been taken by the administration after a sting operation revealed that they were indulging in private medical practice. If the ostensible rationale of the administration, that the SKIMS director was made to pay a price for the malfeasance of others, then the doctor appears to be a victim of guilt by association. And, if, in turn, this is true, then guilt by association constitutes weak or even untenable grounds to take recourse to a harsh decision. The inference that can be drawn from this is that the administration is both whimsical and capricious. This flies flat against administrative theory and practice. But then, the real reasons of/ for the former director’s summary suspension might not be actually correspond to the ostensible reasons trotted out by the administration. While it is well nigh impossible to tease and suss out the reasons for the dismissal or suspension, and dwelling on this would amount to mere speculation, but other reasons that can be inferred are that these might fall in the domain of the political or intrigues, within and without. If the former director has fallen victim to intrigues then it reflects a travesty. The reason(s) pertain to the very nature of the Institute that he headed, Kashmir’s premier health institution that caters to the critical health needs of the people of Kashmir. In the very least, these kinds and types of institutions must be free from the blemishes of politicking, intrigues and scheming, and last but not the least, they should be defined by freedom from political influence. This has to be the sine qua non of the administration and management of these institutions. It is therefore incumbent on powers that be to ensure that SKIMS remains wedded to the ethos of fairness, propriety, and the highest form of medical ethics. The very first step towards this would be to institute a fair probe in the nature of the dismissal of the director and if he has been victim of intrigues and turf jealousies, reinstate him.

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