Power woes: Hamdaniya colony residents demand transformer

Power woes: Hamdaniya colony residents demand transformer
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SRINAGAR: The residents of Hamdaniya colony Bemina of sector D on Thursday protested against the Power Development Department (PDD) here demanding a transformer.
The protesters said that their transformer was damaged 35 days ago. “We have also requested the PDD from time to time to bring the new transformer in the colony. We are nearly 150 house hold in the sector D,” a resident said.
The residents said that if the PDD does not solve the problems they will have no option but to hit the streets and block the road in protest.
The chairman of joint coordination committee of Hamdaniya Colony, Muhammad Yaseen Shah, said, “Due to the lot of congestion of local electricity connections, the transformer can’t bear much load during the winter. We have already 250 kilo watt transformer in the sector D, which was damaged 35 days ago. We have requested the department to allot us another 100 kilo watt transfer so that people will not have to suffer.”

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