Media galvanising death in Kashmir: PDP MLA

Media galvanising death in Kashmir: PDP MLA
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Jammu: PDP MLA Javed Beg on Wednesday attacked the institution of Kashmir Journalism in the legislative assembly.
In his remarks, Beg said, “journalists want nuisance value for news. Mine words won’t be covered as we are ‘usool pasand’.” “Media is galvanising the death in Kashmir,” he yelled.
“Newspaper show huge gathering of 50000 people, in militant funerals… politics is being done on the blood of Kashmiris,” he alleged.
He also asked how 30 lakh people attended the funeral of Salman Tasseer’s killer in Pakistan and only 5000 participated in funeral of Edhi Foundation founder?
Seeking resolution of Kashmir Issue, Beg referred to 1999 meeting of CIA with then president Bill Clinton when Nawaz Sharif was in the United Sates.
“India and Pakistan were ready for a nuclear war,” he said quoting minutes of the meeting.