‘Sumo drivers charge fare at their will in Poshkar Budgam’

‘Sumo drivers charge fare at their will in Poshkar Budgam’
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BUDGAM: The residents of Poshker area of central Kashmir’s Budgam have accused transport department of failing to enforce Government prescribed passenger fare charges.
The villagers complained that in absence of the proper monitoring mechanism by Transport department, the common man is forced to pay extra fare according to the will of sumo drivers.
“Earlier we used to pay 10 rupees for the 4.5-kilometer distance but now charge us 15 rupees for the same distance,” Bashir a local said.
The residents said that they had raised the issue with district authorities of Transport department and got an order no ARTO/BUD/2017/4681-83 dated 10/08/2017 issued for the passenger fare charges per km wise in the area but ironically the circular remained confined to papers only. They added that transport department is resorting to inordinate delay in implementation of the order on the ground.
Ashiq Ahmad a resident of Poshker said due to lack of check by the concerned department, transporters are taking undue advantage of this and charge as per their will.
“We are left with no option, but to pay according to the will of drivers,” he said.
Firdous Syed another resident said that the officials of transport department and tehsil level officers are well aware of the overcharging practice of doctors but they are turning a blind eye towards the suffering of common masses.
“We urge concerned authorities to intervene and keep a regular check on transporters charging arbitrarily from passengers,” he added.
Tehsildar Khag Basheerul Haq told Kashmir Reader that he will call chairman sumo stand Khag and Poshker tomorrow and will resolve the issue”.
However, SHO Khag Mohammad Aslam said: I have not received any complaint as such. We will act promptly once a complaint is received from someone,” he said.