Small is Beautiful. Let us be Grateful to those Who Shaped Us

Small is Beautiful. Let us be Grateful to those Who Shaped Us
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As a kid, I just sort of took for granted that stuff got better every year—TVs got bigger and then thinner, cars got a little faster, and computers got unbelievably better at an exponential curve.
As an adult, I realized that the future was not guaranteed to be better. The default condition is that things stay the same (or get worse because we continue to create new problems and occasionally get involved in wars). The world only gets better if committed people with strong vision(s) about the future work hard to make it better.
It’s too easy to get caught up in the moving sidewalk of a career and end up deeply involved in something that does not maximize your potential. However, it’s never too late to change, and it’s always good to be thoughtful about the path you’re on and how to best use your time.
I wish to share a rich and rare experience, I heard a few months ago about the story of a man who received a letter in his mail box. The letter remained undetected for sometime as he had stopped to check his mailbox
On checking it, the man was amazed to see a beautifully decorated gift which was delivered six months ago. It had a beautiful wrapping of colorful flowers and other embellishments. When he opened the gift, he saw his beautiful picture with a student at school, when he was a teacher. The picture was well framed and attractive. There was also a short note inside it which read, “To my favourite teacher who used to guide me always in every aspect of my life Thank You”. The letter writer had added that he had been selected for courses of business studies at four renowned universities.
Imagine the joy of the teacher, after getting a gift and a note from his student about his success. The teacher is the happiest person, when his student succeeds in life either in the way of carrying studies forward or attaining a job. The teacher, in contention, might not have recollected the student whom he had supported and cared but he did remember how once he had been with the students as their teacher.
It made him feel bright and proud. He checked his record of life as a teacher and recalled his memories in the school. He remembered the time when he used to play with his students and when he used to teach and guide them.
How often do we remember to thank or acknowledge the teachers or persons who shaped our lives?. This goes all in ingratitude and forgetfulness. We pretend that our teacher has so many students, so many batches, that he/she teacher will surely not remember us. But, we should change this perspective. Teachers never forget their students. They always live in their memories and hearts. We should thank for each and every minute which our teachers have spent to build us by one or the other way. Teachers are the builders of nations. We should respect our them. No doubt, they are getting paid for it but If we can remember this thing then we also should remember their hard work in teaching and guiding us. .
In fact, we should apply the formula respect, love, thankful and care in every aspect of our life. We should treat children with respect and love. I will share my experience here. When I see any person who is of a lesser age than me. I will start my conversation with a “Salaam” to him. We often play with our kids by telling them lies like I will take you to somewhere, here is a chocolate in my pocket or anything else. Islam doesn’t allow us to do such things. A sin is written in the favor of the person who tells lies to a child in different ways. We should refrain from such words. We should destroy the ego of superiority within ourselves.
We should treat all people equally. We should share happy moments with the poor and the needy. We should become a reason for their happiness. The Quran Says, on the day of the Judgment, poor people would be the first ones to enter the Jannah. We should come forward at individual levels to help the poor and the needy people. If we are able to pay bills and recharge our mobile phones then why are not we able to donate a little money from our pocket? We need to look upon them observe ourselves. Let this year become a changing year of our life, our thoughts and minds
I will conclude with a beautiful vignette.
A huge forest fire had driven all the animals and birds from it. As the frightened creatures stood watching from a safe place, a small bird from among them flew to a lake close by and gather up some water in it’s beak, flew back to the fire, opened its beak and let the drops fall into the fire. Then it flew back to the lake and picked up another beak full. This it did tirelessly. All those watching it said discouraging things. “What do you think you are doing?” “How is this going to make a difference?”. “Don’t be foolish,” and so on. To all this, the little bird said, “I’m doing what I can.” There is a lesson for all of us in this: In this year, no matter how discouraging things may look, let us all do what we can

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