Delhi’s policy of ‘Kashmiri against Kashmiri’ has taken a dangerous shape: Dukhtaran

Delhi’s policy of ‘Kashmiri against Kashmiri’ has taken a dangerous shape: Dukhtaran
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Aasiya urges youth to ‘refrain from joining pro-India politics’

SRINAGAR: Asking Kashmiri boys and girls to refrain from joining pro-India as well as Indian political parties, chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM), Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Sunday said by “joining hands with India, these youth are strengthening and becoming a part of the illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir”.
“We must understand that we are not fighting only against a military occupation; we have been occupied politically, economically, socially as well as culturally by India,” Aasiya said in a statement. “So if anyone joins any pro-India Kashmiri political party or an Indian political party, he/she is becoming a part of the occupation and helps India to strengthen it further.”
“Whosoever joins hands with India to strengthen its illegal control in Kashmir chooses to be at war with the people and Mujahideen. Those who are for absolute freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from India won’t differentiate if his enemy is a Kashmiri or an Indian. Those who, in any way and manner, help India to strengthen its illegal control are, by no means, friends of Kashmiris.”
Andrabi said “Kashmiris consider the struggle as a war of beliefs and faith, and if someone tries to harm one’s belief, then there will be problems”.
She asked the personnel and officers of police to “stop oppressing and killing the pro-resistance people” of the valley. “It doesn’t matter or doesn’t hurt India if a Kashmiri Muslim is a Mujahid, a pro-resistance person, a policeman, pro-India political activist or an informer. The only thing that matters to this country is to look for chances to kill Kashmiri Muslims,” she said.
The DeM chief said New Delhi’s conspiracy is “to pitch a Kashmiri Muslim against his brethren”. “This, she said, “is exposed by the fact that from 2002 to 2017, India has recruited more Kashmiris in Indian army and police than it recruited since 1947”.
“Also, the number of promotions and rewards to police officials and personnel is much higher than what were given to police officials before 2000,” Andrabi said. “Such recruitments, rewards and promotions are to trap Kashmiris so that they can be motivated to kill and oppress their Kashmiri brethren.”
“Until 1994, Kashmiri policemen and officials played a recognisable role (in) the struggle for freedom and till 2002, the role of this force was to curb the social evils. In 1996, 99 percent of policemen rejected the offer by the then government to join the SOG of police,” she said.
“Then in 2002, under a well-thought-out conspiracy; Mufti Sayeed met the then Indian Home Minister, LK Advani, and recommended him that Kashmiri police can be used against the freedom loving Kashmiris. Advani initially was not convinced by the idea but then the Indian police officer, S M Sahai, also backed the sinister plan of Mufti Sayeed and in 2002, a heinous policy of ‘Kashmiri against Kashmiri’ was put in place, which has now taken a dangerous shape,” she added.
“Another sinister plan that has been implemented in Kashmir is that the youth who have been booked under the cases of stone throwing are now being forcibly asked to join pro-India and Indian political parties. It is yet another ploy to pitch a Kashmiri against a Kashmiri and to continue the bloodshed of Kashmiris.”
Dukhtaran chief said Indian police officials and leaders of pro-India political parties are enjoying under Z-security while the SPOs and political workers are left to die on streets.
“Kashmiris must understand this Indian heinous policy of getting a Kashmiri killed by a Kashmiri and should refrain from helping India in making such an anti-Kashmir policy a success,” Aasiya Andrabi said.