Blind those who contest panchayat elections: Hizb commander Naikoo in viral audio

Blind those who contest panchayat elections: Hizb commander Naikoo in viral audio
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Anantnag: In an alleged audio conversation between two Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commanders, Riyaz Naikoo and Sameer Tiger, the former suggests blinding all those who contest panchayat elections – by putting concentrated acid in their eyes.
The conversation between the two militants is apparently Whatsapp voice messages compiled together. It has gone viral on social media with the title, “Conversation between Riyaz Naikoo and Sameer Tiger”.
Police say the authenticity of the tape is yet to be ascertained.
A police source told Kashmir Reader that the conversation being authentic is highly unlikely, for the fact that Riyaz Naikoo and Sameer Tiger are not on good terms with each other.
“Our inputs say the two of them stand against each other,” a police source told Kashmir Reader.
Tiger is a prominent militant in Shopian district of southern Kashmir while Naikoo is the acting divisional commander of the Hizb.
During the conversation, Tiger can be heard asking Naikoo for orders regarding the upcoming panchayat elections.
Panchayat elections are scheduled to begin February 15. The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL0 has issued a boycott call against them.
“Panchayat elections are scheduled soon. What should be our strategy? What are your orders for us?” Tiger can be heard asking Naikoo.
Naikoo insists that the plan is to not threaten or kill any one, for threatening people has yielded nothing for the past thirty years.
“We should blind them,” Naikoo says. “Anyone who files nominations to contest the elections should be held and drops of concentrated acid should be put into their eyes, so that they are blinded for life.”
Naikoo further says that the people who contest these elections are the most useless fellows in their families, and the families deliberately push them into contesting elections so that they get killed, for which the families will get compensations and government jobs.
“Last year, during the elections, many people were killed, some by us and some by the agencies. It yields nothing. We should blind them,” Naikoo reiterates.
During the conversation Naikoo also advises Tiger on how to use his Over Ground Workers (OGWs) wisely.
“If an OGW is called in by the police or army, do not use him again. Not that we don’t trust him but chances are high that he gets manipulated by the agencies and we have seen that being done many a time,” Naikoo says.
Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Munir Khan, said he will not be able to comment on the issue until the authenticity of the audio is ascertained.
“For now I won’t be able to comment,” Khan said.