Time for Pakistan to develop its own economy: Aasiya

Time for Pakistan to develop its own economy: Aasiya
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‘Freezing of US aid a blessing in disguise’

SRINAGAR: Terming the decision of the United States to freeze over one billion USD aid to Pakistan as a “blessing in disguise”, chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Saturday urged the government and army of Pakistan to retract from all alliances with the America.
Andrabi said it was a “golden opportunity” for Pakistan as the US “on its own” is trying to withdraw its partnership with the Pakistan.
“We have been stating it since long that US, under Indian pressure, was making Pakistan do many things that were detrimental to its sovereignty,” Aasiya said in a statement.
“Now that the US has openly said that it is stopping the aid to Islamabad, it is the best opportunity for Pakistan to become self-reliant. Such opportunities don’t come again and again. This is the best time for Pakistan to stand up and develop its own economy.”
Andrabi said Pakistan must understand that Muslims across the world have pinned their hopes on it. “Every oppressed Muslim looks towards Pakistan, so if Pakistan continues to rely on countries like US, saving oppressed Muslims in other countries is out of question as its own existence continues to remain in danger,” she said.
“Allah (SWT) has bestowed Pakistan with nuclear power and innumerable assets and natural resources. If Pakistan, without relying on easy ways and means to sustain its economy, focuses on extracting and utilising its own resources, it will surely develop into a powerful country,” the DeM chief said. “It is a known fact that US has always been a worst enemy of Pakistan. So, the Pakistani government should also think how they could get rid of the US aid. It may be difficult for the time being but Pakistanis must understand that time will come when it will be an independent economic force to reckon with.” Aasiya said if Pakistan thinks that the US aid not Allah can develop its economic or defence system, then the country is living in a fools’ paradise.
“We must trust only Allah (SWT) and must pray that He gives us the expertise so that we can exploit our resources to the fullest,” Andrabi said. “Muslims should also pray that such people should come to power in Pakistan who believe and work on the ‘Idea of Pakistan’ and have the ability to run the country as per the purpose for which it was created.”
“I also appeal people to hold special prayers for Pakistan so that the country becomes self-sustaining and self-reliant,” the DeM chief added.

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