PM Package: 67% of promised money not sanctioned yet

PM Package: 67% of promised money not sanctioned yet
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Not a penny released for government jobs for Pandits, rehabilitation of West Pakistan refugees, setting up of 5 IRP battalions

Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir government has spent 43% of the funds sanctioned so far under the Prime Minister’s Development Program (PMDP). The government told the Legislative Assembly that the Government of India (GoI) is yet to sanction 67% of the funds promised under the PMDP, an economic package that was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Srinagar in the year 2015.

In a written reply to a question asked by National Conference MLA Ali Mohammad Sagar, the Minister for Planning and Development informed that a total of Rs 82,452.66 crore was approved by Government of India (GoI) under the PMDP. Of this, a sum of Rs 25,496.73 crore was allotted to Jammu and Kashmir government and a huge amount of Rs 56,955.93 crore was allotted to projects executed by GoI itself in J&K.

“A total of Rs 16,082.92 crore has been sanctioned by GoI for central sector projects, of which Rs 8,554.47 crore has been released,” the minister informed the legislative assembly. Of the released amount, Rs 7,413.34 crore has been spent so far, the minister informed.

Similarly, a total of Rs 11,152.17 crore has been sanctioned for state government projects, of which Rs 6,356.16 crore has been released. The J&K government has spent Rs 4,503.70 crore so far.

Thus, of the total Rs 14,910.63 crore released under the PMDP, Rs 11,917.04 crore has been spent.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the massive economic package on November 7, 2015, at a public rally in Srinagar where former chief minister, the late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, was also present.

The government’s response shows that of the total Rs 27,235 crore sanctioned so far under PMDP for state and central projects, only 43.75% of the money has been spent in the past two years.

The government informed that of the total Rs 82,452.66 crore announced by the Prime Minister in 2015, an amount of Rs 55,217.66 crore is yet to be sanctioned by the GoI. This means that 67% of the promised PMDP funds are yet to be sanctioned by the GoI.

The government’s written reply shows that a total of Rs 1,024.07 crore has been spent on assistance to those whose kuchha (unfinished) houses were damaged in the 2014 floods. Under this head, the GoI had sanctioned Rs 1,194.85 crore out of the promised Rs 1,200 crore.

For interest subvention of traders, the GoI has already released all the sanctioned money, amounting to Rs 800 crore. However, only Rs 330.85 crore has been utilised, so far.

The official document reveals that GoI has not sanctioned any funds for state government jobs for 3,000 Kashmiri (Pandit) migrants, even though it promised Rs 1,08o crore for it. Similarly, no money of the promised Rs 2,000 crore has been sanctioned for rehabilitation of West Pakistan refugees, so far.
Of the sanctioned Rs 1,350 crore for Jhelum-Tawi flood reconstruction project, the GoI has only released Rs 2.45 crore.

For the horticulture sector, the GoI sanctioned Rs 500 crore, but only Rs 70.90 crore has been spent, as on current date, the government said.

In the power sector, the state government has spent just Rs 93.25 crore for strengthening of projects in rural areas. The GoI had promised Rs 4,090 crore for the power sector under PMDP.

Rs 50 crore had been sanctioned for undertaking the Pashmina Promotion Programme but not a single penny has been released so far. The GoI has also sanctioned no money for the yet-to-be-created 5 IRP battalions in J&K.

For comprehensive management of Jhelum and its tributaries, an amount of Rs 89.75 crore has been spent. Rs 115.79 crore has been released of the total Rs 280 crore promised by GoI for this.

For the 1000-MW Pakal Dul power project, the GoI sanctioned Rs 1,192 crore and the J&K government has been able to spend Rs 300 crore of the Rs 542 crore released so far.

The government has been successful in spending Rs 1,104 crore for a Srinagar-Leh transmission line. The project had been allotted Rs 1,115 crore under PMDP.

Speaking to Kashmir Reader, Sagar said, “The reply of the government has shown that the PMDP has been designed on regional basis and the expenditure in Kashmir stands at number 3 (of the three regions of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir).”