Never go by what politicians say; waste no time on TV news: Sagarika Ghose

Never go by what politicians say; waste no time on TV news: Sagarika Ghose
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Urges India to understand, not criminalise Kashmir’s aspirations

Anantnag: Senior Indian journalist and author Sagarika Ghose said on Friday at Anantnag that the Government of India (GoI) needs to take Kashmir out of the domain of the Army, the Intelligence Bureau, and the Babus (bureaucracy). She also urged the GoI to stop criminalising the Kashmiri protestor.
Ghose was interacting with media persons at the Anantnag Dak Bungalow after attending a conference titled ‘Kashmir Conundrum: Stakes and Stakeholders’, organised by South Kashmir Civil Society.
She was asked about the role that prominent members of civil society like her should play in bringing to the fore the aspirations of the common Kashmiri. In her reply, Ghose said that civil society should “liberalise” its mentality vis-à-vis Kashmir.
“Like we have liberalised the economy, we should liberalise our mentality the same way,” Ghose said and promptly added that Kashmir needs to be taken out of the domain of the Army, the Intelligence Bureau and the “Babus” (the bureaucracy). “We have to bring Kashmir into a people-to-people relationship,” she said.
She urged the people of Kashmir to not go by what the State and the politicians have to say.
“Politicians and the State will say inflammatory things, they will incite their constituency, they will play their politics. We should never go by what they do and say,” she said.
Asked if she has a message for the GoI, Ghose urged the government to understand the aspirations of the Kashmiri people and to stop criminalising the Kashmiri protestor.
She said that the Kashmiri people have the right to hit the streets and protest.
“You cannot treat them all like Jihadis or people who have come from outside. Maybe there are some outside elements, but the fact remains that Kashmiris have a right to protest and put forth their grievances,” she said and added that the government should be in listening mode.
In a free-flowing chat with local media, Ghose did not hesitate to criticise her own fraternity back home. She termed the role of the Indian media as “unfortunate”.
“The role of the media is unfortunate. There are some channels who say very unfortunate things on air. We should not spare our time towards such channels,” Ghose said.
She said that the need of the hour was to understand that there was a TRP war going on, and the channels were playing the game.
Ghose repeatedly urged for better people-to-people relations and said that history could be forgotten, but not geography.
“Historically, there is so much of pain Kashmiri people have had to suffer. But then, the geography is also a fact, which cannot be forgotten like history (can be). We need to ensure that there are better people-to-people bridges built,” she said.

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  1. sunil   January 7, 2018 at 12:21 am

    sagarika must now retire or go in exile….she s so godamn sick n i dont think theres any human in India more hated by d people of india than this woman sagarika

  2. Mohansankar PV   January 6, 2018 at 7:32 pm

    What is your husband doing on TV and what were you doing earlier? Sitting in glass houses, don’t throw stones on others . All your arcles are funded and paid and highly biased. Better take rest for some time and do Yoga and meditation.

  3. Mohansankar PV   January 6, 2018 at 7:13 pm

    One should go by this bloody Sagarika Ghost,, what she says or writes. Never read the arcles of this jobless anti national writer and her husband Rajdroh Sardesai. She is a paid Lutyens journalist.