Bad Management

Bad Management
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The longest fly over in Kashmir, which traverses Jehangir Chowk and Rambagh, and whose Phase I was slated to begin on the 31st of December, has hit a snag. The leg of the Phase I have not and will not be open to commute. The reasons that have been trotted for this dysfunction are inclement weather and the attendant shortage of labor. It is difficult to argue let alone quibble with these reasons because of obvious reasons. But, in the final analysis, the real reasons pertain to bad and poor management. Kashmir is not the only region in the world where there is unpredictable and inclement weather. In fact, there are worst places than Kashmir insofar weather is concerned. But, generally speaking, in the places projects such as the flyover in contention, neither get stalled nor delayed. The reasons lie in the fact that both in the pre- planning, planning and actual implementation and execution of projects, issues like weather, the business and the trade cycle, interest rates, strategic and operational risks are all factored in. Scenario planning is taken recourse to wherein both best and worst case scenarios are envisaged , devised and then factored into the actual real stuff. Moreover, key to prudent conception, design and execution of projects is prudent and astute project management. But, in Kashmir, efficient and effective project management appears to be shelved. What actually appears to transpire is a mish mash or hotch potched management which instead of seizing the initiative and factoring in possibilities , devising scenarios and thereby pre-empting issues leaves projects to the mercy of the environment. It is this more than anything else that might account for the delay in the Jehangir Chowk- Rambagh flyover. In the process, what happens is the people suffer and become victims of lassitude and torpor of those who should be doing their job(s) , effectively and efficiently. The question is can this particular issue and , more generally, projects that pertain to public welfare, be ameliorated, given the conditions in Kashmir? The answer is yes. All that needs to be done is to take recourse to efficient and effective project management that factors in all issues and problems that can occur in a place like Kashmir. Furthermore, at the time of devising and writing out contracts and when awarding these, strict penalties of a financial nature must be built into these. It is the prospect of financial penalties , that might concentrate minds, more than anything else.

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