Hekmatyar sees elections as a process to solve Afganistan’s crisis

Hekmatyar sees elections as a process to solve Afganistan’s crisis
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Srinagar: Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the leader of the Hezb-e Islami party, on Thursday said that holding the upcoming presidential election is the only way to solve the crisis in Afghanistan.

He also said that it was expected that he will hold a meeting with participation of all political parties and opposition groups about the situation in the country, reported Tolo News.

“While some of the political parties were reluctant, the meeting will be held in the future with the participation of most of the parties,” he said during a press conference in Kabul today. “I believe that coalition governments harm a country.”

In reply to a question about the ongoing tensions between Atta Mohammad Noor, whose resignation was approved by President Ghani, Hekmatyar said, “it is a very small internal issue between him (Atta Mohamad Noor) and the government.” “It “can be solved by the government.”

More than two weeks ago, the presidential palace announced that the president had accepted the resignation of Noor as Balkh governor.

Later the government announced that engineer Mohammad Dawoud had been appointed as successor to Noor.

Noor defied his resignation. He has regularly attended his office as Balkh governor over the past few days and insists that he remained the incumbent governor of the province.

On the issue of the electronic National Identity Cards (e-NIC), Hekmatyar said: “We agree that the nation and nationality be both added to the ID cards. No issue regarding the ID cards must cause a delay in holding of the election.”

He called on his supporters to be patient until the holding of the election.