Even making Geelani PM won’t guarantee peace: Er. Rasheed

Even making Geelani PM won’t guarantee peace: Er. Rasheed
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JAMMU: MLA Langate Er. Rasheed on Wednesday blamed NC and PDP for giving protection to the killers from time to time and diluting cause of Kashmiris.
MLA Langate said in Assembly and ridiculed NC for shedding crocodile tears over the loss of human live and gross root level Human Rights Violations in Kashmir.
He also raised the issue of media gag on employees and other issues.
“Why could not Govt. employees express their feelings and why should their right to expression be curbed, “he asked the government.
A statement said that when NC members started raising the issue of human rights violations in the house Er. Rasheed confronted them with facts and in return, they used foul language against him.
Er. Rasheed reminded NC of its dirty role and accused both NC and PDP of being like collaborators. He reminded NC members of their role when they were in Govt. and said that their hue and cry is not based on sincerity. Speaking on the adjournment motion moved by Rasheed and others to discuss the recent killings in the valley, he said that only way to stop killings is to give people of both sides on LoC right to self -determination.
During his speech, Rasheed said, “Even if Geelani is made Prime Minister and Syed Salahuddin, Yaseen Malik, Masrat Alam are made his cabinet colleagues, nobody can guarantee peace and killings will continue despite all efforts unless the root cause of the problem is not addressed”.
Asking PDP and NC to stop blaming each other Er. Rasheed appealed both parties to know their worth and if they really believe in addressing aspirations of the people they must tell Prime Minister Narinder Modi that there is no other option except to resolve the dispute. He said “It is futile to blame Mehbooba Mufti or anybody else as in a vicious atmosphere where security forces are honored with perks, privileges, and promotion for killing human beings, no peace can be established and that too when central Govt. is adamant to suppress the aspirations and sentiments of masses by treating the dispute like a law and order issue”. Er. Rasheed appealed BJP leaders to come out with concrete ideas and put them on the table.

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