Either GST or free quota: Coaching centres tell govt

Either GST or free quota: Coaching centres tell govt
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‘There is no industry in India that pays GST, and provides free services’

Srinagar: Coaching Centers Association on Wednesday asked the government to clarify whether they have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) or provide free tuitions to orphans and below poverty line category.
At a Press Conference Wednesday, Junaid Yousuf, President of Coaching Centers Association, said the coaching institution do not fall under Right to Education act “because it is a service”, and were like an industry.
“There is no industry in India that pays GST, and provides free services,” he said.
“Coaching does not come under the right to education unlike schooling which is a basic right of every individual,” he said. “Show us one industry in India that pays GST and also provides free service.”
Yousf said that coaching institutions won’t mind proving free coaching to the students who cannot afford it but the government should not ask the owners to pay GST of those students who are being provided free tuitions. “How can we pay GST of the students whom we do not charge a single penny? Is this justice?” he said.
The association also claimed that 10 percent free quota allocated for orphans, BPL and destitute students was already filled by coaching institutes from the beginning of the session.
“In spite of that, the Directorate of School Education passed an order on December 26 enlisting the students who are eligible for free education at various coaching Institutes,” he said, “the order issued by Directorate of School Education is ill-planned because it was executed classes had begun.”
Latif Masoodi, General Secretary of Coaching Centers Association said that coaching institutes ended up giving 20 percent students free education in the current session because of the order issued by Directorate of School Education.
Masoodi said that the appropriate student-teacher ratio as decided by the expert committee under the supervision of high court was 150 provided there is 9 square-feet space available for every student. “The same would be adhered to by all coaching institutes,” he said.
Masoodi said that registered coaching institutes whose names appear in the list published by the Directorate of School Education before the start the session go through harassment as frequent inspections are conducted by Education Department. “Absolutely no action is taken against the ones who are not registered within the directorate,” he said adding, “The first step on part of the directorate should be to seal the coaching institutes that are unregistered rather harassing those who abide by the norms set by the department,” Masoodi said.
Masoodi requested Education Department to increase the time period of registration from one year to three years. “The step would stop some coaching institutes from changing their names and locations every year. A strong objection towards such erring coaching institutes would be taken henceforth,” he said.
Yousef added that for the registration process of coaching institutes and the corresponding norms, Directorate of School Education should conduct a survey of various coaching institutes functioning in several states in India.