Shopian youth restricted to bed with bullet shattered leg

Shopian youth restricted to bed with bullet shattered leg
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Family says no resources for further treatment

CHOWAN (Shopian): A 19-year-old youth is restricted to his room since June after receiving two bullets in his right leg, just 300 meters away from his home.
Showkat Ahmad Dar has four metal rods inserted in his right leg to support the bone, while his family says they have no resources to take up further treatment.
Showkat, a resident of Chowan village in Keller belt of Shopian said an encounter was going on in Bamnoo village of Pulwama on June 3, when he left his home for work.
Showkat, who worked as a baker, said that he was unaware of the gunfight when he left home for Rajpora where he worked as a baker.
“I had walked some 300 meters from my home when I saw army deployed on the road. They told me nothing, but when I turned back to return, somebody hurled stones on the troopers. The army men directly targeted me with bullets, I fell on ground and then they dragged me for some 100 meters and beat me with sticks and gun butts for about three hours,” Showkat recalls.
He said that forces didn’t let anyone to take him to hospital. “I was crying but they didn’t listen to my cries, instead, beat me continuously”.
Ghulam Hyder Dar, Showkat’s father said that when he reached the spot the troopers didn’t let him take his injured son to hospital.
“They scolded me and my wife. There were some journalists who intervened and told the army to let the boy go to hospital and take his parents in custody,” he said.
Showkat was first taken to Rajpora hospital from where he was referred to Srinagar.
Abdul Salam, Showkat’s uncle said Showkat has undergone four surgeries at Bone and Joint Surgery Hospital Barzalla Srinagar which cost them more around Rs 3 lakh.
His father Gulam Hyder said that doctors have advised two more surgeries which can cost them another two lakh rupees.
“I have three kanals of hilly land and Showkat was lone bead earner of my family. We have spent all his earnings along with debts from relatives and friends. I am not in position anymore to bear the expenses for his surgeries and medicines. If anybody helps me that will be his kindness,” says 60-year-old Hyder.
Showkat says the four metal rods in his legs do not let him sleep.
“Carrying five kilograms of metallic equipment on my leg is not easy. I am not able to sleep, or move on my own. My dreams have turned into harsh nightmare. The family which was dependent on my earnings has now no means to bear my treatment,” Showkat laments.
Showkat even had an accident once while going for a checkup. The car they were travelling in met with an accident injuring five members of the family, including Showkat, “He got injuries on head and in the bullet shattered leg,” said Salam.
The family cannot forget the help Showkat had received at the hospital when he was first taken there.
“The doctors who treated and operated on Showkat were angles in human form. One of them, Dr Shakir Musa donated blood for him when we were not there and provided us equipment for surgeries on lower rates,” Myaser, elder brother of Showkat said.
He said that during his four surgeries he was given 22 pints of blood, donated by relatives and doctors and an unknown person of Srinagar.
Doctors have told them, he said, that another imported metal rod would be inserted in Showkat’s leg to support the bone and may cost more 1 to 1.5 lakh rupees.
Chowan village is located in Keller belt of district Shopian. Some 15 kilometers from Shopian town, Chowan is considered the last habitation of the district, followed by vast forests.

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  1. Anon   January 2, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    ‘Someone threw a stone’. Always someone else. A Kashmiri will never take responsibility for his actions.