Delhi can crush Kashmir movement only by changing JK’s Muslim majority status: Qasim

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SRINAGAR: “Indian rulers can demolish and crush the freedom movement in Kashmir only by changing the Muslim majority (status) of Jammu and Kashmir into a minority,” said chairperson of the Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Dr Muhammad Qasim on Monday, adding, “Therefore, it is imperative that the Muslim community makes efforts to safeguard its majority.”
In a statement, Qasim said, “The theory of poverty and hunger due to increase in world population proposed by Malthus has proven to be farce. Today if the world faces hunger and poverty, it is not because of shortage of food and fruits. 50 percent production of fruits and 30% of food get wasted because of poor and inadequate transport.”
The MDM chief added, “Another reason of this increasing poverty is rapid increasing billionaires club of China who raised the slogan of one child have now retracted from it.”
“Singapore government appealed to its people to have three or more children in 1987. In France and Chile, government offered monthly incentives for third, fourth and fifth babies. Their parents are provided 10 percent increased pension and 75% rebate in travel fares. Third child is called as a golden child.”
Qasim said all these arrangements were made because the world today faces a scarcity of working age population. “Therefore, (the) retirement age is being enhanced in certain places and at other places women, children and elderly are being made a part of the working age population,” he said.
“The basis of freedom struggle in Jammu and Kashmir is the majority of Muslims in the state, therefore looking at this issue from economical point of view is unfortunate. We request all those businessmen and employees whose monthly income exceeds 70 or 80 thousand to have more than two children,” Qasim said.
“We appeal private schools to offer free education to poor parents who have more than two children. Social organisations should offer monthly or annual financial assistance for poor parents who have more than two children. The remarriage of widows and free education for orphans should be encouraged. This would be their greatest contribution to Islam and the freedom movement,” the MDM chief suggested.