Pellet victims struggle to regain eyesight and resume lives

Pellet victims struggle to regain eyesight and resume lives
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Javid was rushing to donate blood to a bullet victim

Litter (Pulwama): On August 13 this year, Javid Ahmad Bhat, 21, a resident of Litter village in Pulwama, was rushing to Zainpora health centre to donate blood to a bullet victim.
However, once he reached there, Javid himself became a victim of pellet firing by forces, which changed his life into a consistent struggle to regain eyesight.
Muhammad Sayeed, a resident of Shirmal village had been hit with a bullet during protests, and Javed knew him as he ran a shop in his village.
Javid told Kashmir reader that as he reached Zainpora government forces were returning from a gunfight at Awneera village of Shopian in which three militants including militant commander Yasin Yatoo was killed.
The government forces were hurled with stones, Javid said, adding that he was not part of the protests.
“I rushed to Zainpora only to donate blood for the person who was hit with bullet. As soon as I reached the Zainpora hospital I came to know that the injured person has been shifted to Srinagar. When I came out of hospital about five vehicles of government forces were passing by and people were hurling stones on their bullet proof vehicles,” he said.
He added that the government forces fired pellets on him leaving him in pool of blood.
“For 15 minutes there was no one to carry me to the hospital as the forces were firing pellets on the protesters. Blood was coming out of my body and right eye,” he said.
Javid’s father Wali Muhammad Bhat, says that despite two surgeries in his injured eye he has not regained sight.
“Despite family hardships I left no stone unturned for the treatment of my son. Next surgery is scheduled in January and I hope may he get his eye sight back,” Wali Muhammad said.
Javid has pellet injuries in chest, face and right eye. He ran a general store in Shirmal village where he knew Sayeed, the bullet victim, who later succumbed to his injuries.
Javed has not returned to his shop since, and is in shock because of his injuries.
He is not able to see from his right eye, and says that tears roll down from his left eye as it gets tired.
He wants to resume a normal life but “it seems world is blind for me”.
“I had left my studies midway to start a Kiryana shop. My elder brother is driving an auto rickshaw and we were hardly able to meet the ends,” he said. “Since I got half blinded, more pressure came on my family as well as elderly father but who except God is listening to our woes”.