PDP worker apologising at gunpoint in new viral video

PDP worker apologising at gunpoint in new viral video
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Anantnag: A video showing a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) worker from Kalamabad, Pulwama, apologising for being associated with the party, apparently at gun point, surfaced on social media on Friday.
Many such videos of political workers have appeared on social media in recent months, but this was the first time that the political worker was also a policeman, as per sources.
Police say they are investigating the video and trying to identify the man in it.
The 3-minute-5-second video shows a half-naked Riyaz Ahmad Bhat apologising to his captors, who can be inferred to be militants, for his association with the pro-India political party.
“My name is Riyaz Ahmad Bhat and I was associated with the PDP. But now I have realised that we have been treacherous towards the freedom movement,” Bhat can be heard saying in the video as a voice keeps prompting him in the background.
Bhat further says that he is grateful to his militant brethren who have forgiven him despite knowing his “misdeeds”.
“I appeal to all political workers in this area to understand that the militants are our brothers and are out to defend us. They shed their blood for us. If we cannot help them, let us not stab them in the back,” Bhat says.
He says he has been dejected after the PDP allied with the Hindu right-wing BJP, after making promises to people that they were out to defend Kashmir against the saffron party.
“I have been ditched and ditched very bad. I would have narrated the whole ordeal but I do not have the time. The militants are our own and not these people,” Bhat says in the video.
Following his “confession and his apologies”, another voice speaks in the video, warning everyone associated with pro-India politics to shun their activities.
“We are not killing you because of your families, but do not take that as our weakness. You have stopped taking us seriously, but we warn you, the next time we hear about somebody being associated with any political party, we are going to kill that person,” the unidentified voice says.
While the video is doing the rounds on Facebook and Whatsapp, police in Pulwama said they were investigating the matter.
“We are looking into it and efforts are on to try and identify the man in the video,” Pulwama SSP Chaudhary Muhammad Aslam told Kashmir Reader.