PDP to hold programmes to recall Mufti Sayeed’s contributions

PDP to hold programmes to recall Mufti Sayeed’s contributions
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SRINAGAR: Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is organising several programmes on January 7 and 8 to recall the party patron late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s “landmark contributions” in the fields of politics and social work as an “acknowledged honest man”. The PDP founder and the former chief minister died on 7 January 2016.
A party statement said PDP vice president Mohammad Sartaj Madni held series of meetings with senior functionaries including ministers and legislators at Jammu in which it was decided that PDP workers will rededicate themselves to party’s set agenda with a pledge to maintain high standards in public service “as pursued by Mufti Sayeed all his life”.
“Mufti Mohammad Sayeed upheld probity in public life and distinguished himself as a politician of high ethical and moral values. It was Mufti’s virtue to be consistent in his course and be true to his word and deed,” Madni said. “He (Mufti) never allowed himself to be swayed by power or subdued by adversities.”
Madni said Mufti had imbibed in him the qualities of a “compassionate father, an honest guide and a devoted leader with sense of responsibility and recognition for values”. “He had very limited aspirations but lofty objectives with an avowed desire to raise the stock of the political worker and the state’s people,” he said.
The PDP vice president said the party takes pride in the fact that the virtues of its patron “as an honest man” are acknowledged by his adversaries. “His (Mufti’s) career in various capacities remained unblemished and navigated several difficult ventures with grace and dignity. He did not fumble in his struggle to maintain humanly possible standards in public service,” he said.
“The government led by Mehbooba Mufti has on its own rightly decided to honour a person in the name of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for acknowledged integrity in public life. This will help encourage probity and honesty in fields of politics and social work.”
Madni said the decision comes as a befitting tribute to the “dedicated politician who distinguished himself in giving respect to positions he held and political beliefs he propounded”.
“Besides the decision to launch an award in his name, the government and party will take several measures of public importance to honour his (Mufti Sayeed’s) services and to take this sacred trust to posterity,” PDP vice president said.

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