Make PET Functional

Make PET Functional
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The Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan machine, that helps detect cancer(s) and other debilitating illnesses has been installed at SKIMS, Soura. While this is an extremely important and welcome development but doctors and patients are still waiting for its inauguration. The scanning process done through and by the PET helps in detection of cancer, heart problems and nervous disorders. With no facility of PET scan in Kashmir available so far, cancer patients have to travel outside to get the tests done. It may be pertinent to note that illness(es), especially of the fatal and debilitating sort like cancer, do not announce themselves to their victims and their families. When they actually occur and happen, the burden is not only borne by the patients only but also their families. These include financial, emotional, social and other assorted and allied issues and problems. All these problems get compounded if and when the facilities to detect and cure illnesses are not available locally. This has a searing resonance in terms of cancer patients. They have to, because of the non availability of facilities in Kashmir go elsewhere for as basic (but important) test/scan as the PET. It entails costs and prices that many in Kashmir cannot afford. These victims of both fate and non availability of infrastructure either resign themselves to their conditions or wallow in misery. This could be and has been now obviated by the availability of the PET scan apparatus but unfortunately its functioning is held up either because of bureaucratic inertia or a superfluous and silly thing as an inauguration. What flows from this stalling is that patients suffer and their illness gets aggravated. It is therefore imperative on the SKIMS administration to resolve the matter and make the PET functional on a priority basis. Life is a gift from the Almighty and the matter of life and death lies in His hands only. Neither is open to manipulations by man. However, what human intervention can do is alleviate and lessen the misery that visits people when they become victims to fatal or debilitating illnesses. Furthermore, the medical profession is ideally a noble one that helps people in their hours of extreme distress. It is to this noble ideal that doctors and those associated with administration of hospitals should turn to and adhere to the highest standards of medical ethics. Among other things and in terms of the specific issue at hand, this would mean making the PET apparatus at SKIMS, operational and functional now!

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