ATM with Rs 8 lac cash stolen in Bijbehara

ATM with Rs 8 lac cash stolen in Bijbehara
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Sixth burglary in 2017 in south Kashmir

Anantnag: Unidentified burglars have decamped with an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of the State Bank of India (SBI), with more than Rs 8 lac in it from main town Bijbehara in Anantnag district.
This was second such burglary in Bijbehara town, fifth in Anantnag district and sixth overall in south Kashmir apart from many bank robberies on gun point during a period of around one year.
According to reports the burglars decamped with the machine during the night hours.
“We were informed by somebody early Friday morning about the burglary. We have visited the spot and an investigation has been taken up,” a senior police official from Bijbehara told Kashmir Reader.
He said that the last transaction on Thursday evening shows that an amount of Rs 8, 67,100 was still stacked in the machine when it was taken away by the burglars.
The ATM thefts started in January this year, around two months after the first bank robbery over gunpoint was reported from southern part of Kashmir.
While police have been blaming militants for the burglaries and the robberies, militants in different statements have distanced themselves from the acts.
January 18, 2017: An ATM machine with Rs 14 lac in it was whisked away in main town Anantnag.
April 18, 2017: State Bank of India ATM taken away with unknown amount, from KP road area of Anantnag town.
May 31, 2017: Another SBI ATM stolen from Achabal Adda area of Anantnag town with Rs 20.96 lac cash.
June 17, 2017: SBI ATM machine stolen from Zirapara area of Bijbehara with an unascertained amount in it.
Nov 5, 2017: PNB, ATM machine stolen in main town Pulwama with over 8 Lac Rupees in it.
Dec 29, 2017: An ATM of SBI stolen in Bijbehara town with a cash amount of Rs 8, 67,000.