At ISC conference, Scholars stress on following path of the Prophet (SAW)

At ISC conference, Scholars stress on following path of the Prophet (SAW)
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Srinagar: The Islamic Study Circle on Wednesday organised a daylong Seerat Conference at Cluster University campus here.
Several renowned Muslim scholars and clerics participated in the event who threw light on the life history of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
The event began with Naat Khwani followed by the discourses of scholars and clerics. All the speakers stressed upon the need to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) at a time when the Muslim community across the globe is facing difficulties. Addressing the gathering, president of the Islamic Study Circle, Dr Yousf ul Umer said that Muslims have resources but despite that “we are dependent on those who want to destroy us”.
Umer said that since the demise of the Ottoman caliphate, several Muslim leaders had come into existence in 50 Muslim majority countries but none of them were of benefit to Muslims. “Those who are ruling or running Muslim nations are called leaders, but the reality is that they are not leaders but managers. There is only one leader of Muslims and (one who) needs to be followed and he is Prophet Muhammad (SAW),” Umer said, adding, “Muhammad should be the one that should reflect in us, homes, offices, business and politics.”
Umer said that one cannot expect Muslims to get justice from an organisation run by those responsible for destroying Muslims. “Therefore Muslim nations need to adopt the path of Prophet Muhammad, once Muslims adopt the path of Muhammad (SAW), every chaos in Muslims will fade away,” he said.
Addressing the gathering, Moulana Khursheed Ahmad Kangoo said that there is no better leader to be followed than Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as he guided people towards the real path and made them understand the meaning of humanity. “Arabs were considered to be the most barbarous, ignorant and uncivilised people, but once Prophet Muhammad (SAW) came he transformed all,” he said.
Muollana Showkat Hussain Keng said that anti-Muslim people are hell-bent on wiping out Islam from the world. He said that those who believe that killing Muslims would make that happen are living in a fool’s paradise. “They can kill Muslims but cannot wipe out Islam,” he said, adding, “The recent decision of America to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is one of the steps to make greater Israel. Forty volumes of books of over a thousand pages each have been written by anti-Muslims to execute their vicious plans.”
Keng said that Muslims across the world should adopt the path shown by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) so that enemies do not succeed in their mission.