On Health Care and the Trials and Tribulations of its Practitioners

On Health Care and the Trials and Tribulations of its Practitioners
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By Gulam Nabi

The development of any society can be gauged from the state and condition of the health of its people. That is, how healthy they are. Looking to this part of world, the health infrastructure is in a sorry state of affairs. To increase and augment the health infrastructure at the pan India level, the Government of India commenced the National Rural Health Mission(NRHM) on the 12th of April, 2005.The basic objective of the mission was providing accessible, affordable and accountable health care in rural areas. Its primary focus was on making the public health system fully functional at all levels. In this process, the NRHM emphasized the need for communitization of the public health system, improving financing and management of public health, human resources innovation and a long term financial commitment to enable the state and districts to undertake programs aimed at achieving the mission goals. NRHM was converted into National Health Mission to include urban health infrastructure. National Health Mission seeks to empower the community by placing the health of the people in their own hands and determine the ways they would like to improve their health. The National Health Mission was launched by the J&K Govt. in April 2005 and is currently being implemented by department of health & Medical Education Govt. of J&K.
In a fair assessment, significant progress has been made in the health infrastructure as well as the manpower with the inception of the Mission and the lot of credit goes to the doctors and the other paramedical staff who work day and night to serve their people. These people have worked even during the most difficult times like 2008, 2010 and 2016 unrest without any break. But, unfortunately, these brilliant doctors and hardworking Para medical staff have to come on the roads to demand their regularization. If and when the Government can issue a circular for casual laborers , why can’t the services of these efficient and brilliant doctors could be confirmed including paramedical staff be regularized as well.
This is sheer callousness that a doctor who has spend his/her precious life almost five years in medical college to get his / her medical degree and at the same time has spent near about 10 years in the department of Health Services is still processing his demand of regularization and has to come on the road. I am astonished what more qualifications and experience a particular doctor needs to put into get a regular job. It is high time that the demands of NHM employees should be fulfilled on priority basis and justice be delivered at the earliest. .

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