India should learn from Jadhav’s meet: DFP

SRINAGAR: Terming the meeting of Kulbushan Jadhav with his family as an act of human values, Democratic Freedom Party on Tuesday said New Delhi “should learn from Pakistan how it treats even an enemy spy”.
“Jadhav has been convicted on the charges of spying but still his family was allowed to meet him in such a dignified way. What about Shabir Ahmad Shah; where and how he has been incarcerated; how much harassment (his) family members has to face every time (they) go to meet him? New Delhi should ponder over these questions,” DFP secretary general Moulana Muhammad Abdullah Tari said in a statement.
Tari while quoting Shah’s wife said while Jadhav’s family was allowed to sit and talk for 45 minutes with him, the family of Shabir Shah is not allowed to meet him for more than ten minutes, “that too (while) standing under most unhygienic conditions where one would get all wet and dehydrated because of too much of sweating”.
“Not only a partition, but a window with grills and dirty glass, across which you can’t even properly see, stands in between the (family members) and Shah Sahib whenever they get a chance to meet him,” Tari said. “To meet Shah Sahib, his family has to (come across) so many hurdles. It takes them around 4 to 5 hours to reach to that place and then meet him just for 5 to 10 minutes.”
“Jadhav is a spy and Shabir Sahib a political prisoner declared as ‘Prisoner of Conscience’ by the international rights watchdog Amnesty International. Shah Sahib has spent 31 years of his life in prison only for his political belief but still India is not willing to provide him any medical facility in the jail,” the DFP secretary general said.