Good Teachers Change Destinies and Transform Societies

Good Teachers Change Destinies and Transform Societies
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Jahangir Ahmed Lone

Good teachers change the destinies of nations is a truism that everyone knows and is aware of. It is generally said that “the hands that role the cradle rule the world”. The family and the teacher mould the rawness of children into good human beings. A nation’s or society can change only when basic institutions like schools build the requisite pavement towards it The teacher is a social entity. This is the reason why he/she constitutes society most important part. Teachers and parents’ utilization in respect of education towards children yield fruitful results but teachers overtake in certain respect as teacher guides the behavior of children in schools. He/she inculcates values, morals and manners into the students’ right from the beginning. A good teacher always counts his/her success in terms of the transformation of his students for the good of society. In the past teachers were respected as Gurus and Ustads (they had such status and respect in society). The teacher was, in the real sense, an institution.
As we know, different successful teachers laid emphasis and stress on learning by doing ,learning by earning. Their aim was not give impetus to the economy by students of schools but their aim was to inculcate feeling of values of empathy and compassion into the nourished brains of students especially when a student understand to real meaning of life He would be likely affected by the feelings about society in the process. Through this process, students learnt values, morals and attained great standards.
However, the modern system of education has made the role of teachers less effective to some extent. Even though online learning and teaching is more effective yet there seems some sort of gulf which is widening day by day. For example, universities and colleges produce innumerable professionals and technicians. But many of them are not too great and keen on morals and ethics. To undo this trend, the teacher community must take a cue from and must get inspired by the great teachers of our country like Radha Krishnan,Sir Syed Ahmad Khan Zakir Hussain and so on.
After setting forth on the path of reforms there may come different challenges but the real spirit must not exhaust to attain a certain goal. What the goal is all about, is transformation of society. Invariably, it is the teachers that will be real contributors towards and for the good of society.

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