Protests in Poshker against seizing of vehicle

Protests in Poshker against seizing of vehicle
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Budgam: Residents of Bun Sharan blocked the road connecting Poshker to Budgam on Monday, after police seized the taxi `of a local resident.
Hundreds of commuters were stranded, as the protestors demanded police release the taxi of the local resident, who allegedly had been asked to drop policemen at the police station.
Protestors blocked the road connecting Magam to Poshker with logs and stones, and chanted slogans against police.
Protestors said a local taxi (sumo) driver was asked by the policemen to drop them at police station Khag.
Showkat was driving his taxi on Bun Sharan, Path Sharan route, when he was intercepted by police.
He alleged that the police asked him to ferry them to Khag police station, where instead of paying the fare, they asked him to produce the documents of the vehicle.
“I was asked to kept the vehicle there and show the necessary documents. After I showed documents they told me to get an affidavit tomorrow,” Showkat said.
“It is high handedness of police. If they want to check documents, check on road. What does it mean to take the vehicle for one purpose and seize it without any reason?” he said.
Station Head officer Khag Mohammad Aslam, denied the allegations and told Kashmir Reader that Showkat had been stopped for checking.
“We asked him to present affidavit (today) but he left the sumo here,” Aslam said. “Can’t we check the vehicle.”
Later the vehicle was released after the driver presented the affidavit to police.