‘Lives of Kashmiris have no value, no rights’: Mashaal Malik

‘Lives of Kashmiris have no value, no rights’: Mashaal Malik
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SRINAGAR: Mashaal Malik, wife of Kashmiri resistance leader Muhammad Yasin Malik, said on Monday that while Pakistan is allowing Indian “spy” Kalbushan Jadhav to meet his wife and mother on humanitarian grounds, Indian forces have kept her as well as her daughter from meeting Malik for the past three years.
In a video message — shared shortly after Jadhav’s family landed in Islamabad — Mashaal said, “A Kashmiri has no right to meet his wife and child; he is being treated worse than a proclaimed terrorist.”
She added: “Is this what India is, [on] one hand it approached the International Court of Justice to save Jadhav, who is a proclaimed terrorist, while on the other this champion of human rights treats Kashmiris worse than terrorists.”
“The lives of Kashmiris have no value and we have no rights just because [we] are struggling against India in a fight for freedom.”
“This leaves a question for the world as well as India,” Mashaal said as she concluded the video.
Last year in October, Mashaal urged the United Nations to take notice of human rights violations taking place in India-held Kashmir.
She had requested UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to take notice of “state-sponsored violence” in Kashmir and prevail upon the Indian authorities to immediately cease actions that violated human rights, dignity and fundamental entitlements of Kashmiri people.