2 sisters found hanging in Delhi, family suspects honour killing

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New Delhi: Two sisters, aged 18 and 13, were found hanging from a tree near their house in Noida. The bodies of the girls were spotted by their neighbours in Sector-49 on Monday.

Police said the girls’ parents alleged that a relative was behind the deaths. They, however, did not find any injury marks on the bodies to indicate that it was a murder.

“In the initial investigation, it looks like a case of suicide. Although the family has raised doubts on some people, no proof has been found yet. Besides a mark from the noose, no other injury marks can be seen on the bodies of both girls,” Noida SP Arun Kumar Singh was quoted as saying by ANI.

The girls’ parents accused their nephew, Ravi, of killing them over a family dispute.

Ravi reportedly eloped with a woman and has been living with his partner until she was taken away by her parents.

Ravi’s family members accused the girls’ parents of allegedly tipping off the woman’s parents.

The parents have also alleged that Ravi’s family threatened to kill their daughters on Monday and also said Ravi has “stained the reputation” of their older daughter.

The bodies have been sent for autopsy.