Knee replacement becomes easy with ‘no error technique’

SRINAGAR: Renowned joint replacement surgeon, Dr Ranjit Singh, from Fortis Escorts Hospital Amritsar, has made knee replacement easy with his innovative no error technique.
Recently, he carried a very challenging knee surgery on a patient who had a fractured knee. Jaswant Singh, who is a resident of Akhnoor, had lost all hopes to get his knee back to normal. He had suffered injury on his right knee 15 years ago. His knee had become totally nonfunctional and completely bent.
“The patient could not walk properly as he could not bear his weight on the right leg due to his damaged knee. He had consulted almost all the famous orthopedic surgeons in North India, but none could assure him that he would be back to normal,” said Fortis Escorts hospital statement.
“He went to Dr Ranjit Singh in Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar and told his problem to Dr. Singh thoroughly. Upon examining the patient’s knee, he assured him that his knee can be replaced and he can walk normally,” they said.
“Next day Jaswant Singh underwent total knee replacement of his right knee with the unique no error technique. Two hours after surgery, the patient was made to walk, and on the second day, patient could even climb stairs. Patient had no pain and not even a single unit of blood transfusion was required. Patient was absolutely amazed that with no error technique how such a difficult and painful knee replacement surgery has become so simple and easy. He was discharged on the third day after surgery, and within three weeks of surgery, he became fully independent and could lead a normal life. He did not require a physiotherapist, and one month after surgery, he could even sit cross legged,” they said.
Dr. Ranjit Singh, prior to working in Fortis Hospital, was earlier working as senior consultant at Shalby hospital, Ahmedabad, stated that he has done more than five thousand successful surgeries with no error technique, and he is the only surgeon to use this technique.
“This technique was innovated by him after years of hard work and endless research, and it has benefitted thousands of patients. With the incidence of knee arthritis rising alarmingly, no error technique has a lot to offer, and brings a new ray of hope in the lives of patients suffering with the crippling knee arthritis,” reads a statement.