KU charged money for study material in Feb, hasn’t provided it yet

KU charged money for study material in Feb, hasn’t provided it yet

Kaiser Majeed/ Junaid Manzoor

SRINAGAR: Exams are just days away but Kashmir University (KU) has not provided study material for which it charged money from nearly 300 students enrolled in the distance education department’s Urdu course.
The post-graduate students were admitted to the department in February this year and were charged more than Rs 4,500 for the study material.
At the time of their counseling in the department, they were assured that the books and other study material would be provided to them in June.
“We paid an amount of Rs 4,675 for the study material,” said a student from Baramulla district. He said that when students visited the department in June, they were told to by the director to download it online.
“Why did they charge money from us when they wanted us to download it online?” questioned a group of students, requesting anonymity.
A student said the department’s director, Neelofar Khan, assured them that they will be provided printed material, or else their money will be refunded.
“Now the department has announced exams in December. How can we write exams without the study material?” the students said.
Kashmir University’s director, distance education, Neelofer Khan told Kashmir Reader that they have dispatched the material for printing but it is yet to come.
“After we received complaints from students, our hard-working teachers prepared the study material and it has been sent for printing. Most of the study material is ready and the rest is pending,” she said.
Khan put the blame on the students, saying they “roam around and now are trying to make an issue out of it”.
“We have asked them to make use of books from the library and the material that’s available online,” she said.
KU Vice Chancellor’s Public Relations Officer, Faheem Aslam, said the varsity is “morally” and “ethically” bound to provide study material to students if they have been charged money.
“Let the students make a written representation to us. We will examine it right away and pass appropriate orders in this regard. They can also come and meet me anytime,” he said.


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