Tired of authorities, Pampore residents repair drain on their own

Tired of authorities, Pampore residents repair drain on their own
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Pampore: Residents of a locality in Pampore collected money among themselves to repair a drain after authorities failed to repair it.
The residents of Mir Mohalla in Kadlabal Pampore told Kashmir Reader the drain had been constructed in 2007 but got eroded with days.
“The authorities assured that they would look into the matter, but did nothing” said one of the residents.
“We approached municipal authorities with recommendations from MLA Pampore Zahoor Ahmad Mir but the municipal authorities were so arrogant, that they denied his recommendation,” said another resident.
After failing to move the authorities, the residents said, each family in the locality contributed an amount of Rs 5000, collecting around Rs 3 lakh for the repairs.
“Literally speaking we wanted to give a blow to the administration that if you cannot do it we can,” said another resident.”We must stop paying taxes and do things at local level so that our money is not wasted on the vehicles and residences of bureaucrats and politicians.”
Minister of State, and MLA Pampore Mir Zahoor told Kashmir Reader that nobody from the locality had ever approached him.
“I cannot know status of any work if people do not inform me about their grievances,” Zahoor said.
Executive Officer Municipal Committee Pampore, Manzoor Ahmad said that he has recently joined the post and had no knowledge about the issue.


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