Palestinian and Kashmiri people continue to suffer: Pakistan

Palestinian and Kashmiri people continue to suffer: Pakistan
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United Nations: Pakistan has once again raked up the Kashmir issue at the Security Council by linking it to the Palestinian crisis.
“Longstanding, internationally recognised disputes of Palestine and Jammu and Kashmir continue to fester,” Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Maleeha Lodhi told the Council on Wednesday ahead of the upcoming General Assembly emergency session on Jerusalem.
She brought in the Kashmir reference while speaking of “efforts to change the status of Jerusalem” because of US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise it as Israel’s capital and move Washington’s embassy there.
“The Palestinian and Kashmiri people continue to suffer horrific human rights violations at the hands of occupying forces, while the world continues to watch without addressing these egregious situations.”
“All resolutions of the Security Council must be implemented uniformly and non-selectively,” she said in an obvious reference to a 1948 resolution of the Council on Kashmir.
“Selective implementation weakens multi-lateralism and the credibility of the UN.”
India did not respond to Lodhi’s comments. (Agencies)

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