Ah Palestine!

Ah Palestine!

By Irfan Ali Najar

The triumph of liberal democracy , as it is believed to be as the only remaining (or even reigning) ideology without evoking any competing ideology, invites a lot of questions to ascertain its underpinnings in the current era defined by fragmentation. The belief of teaching democracy to the world engenders great criticism. Since its proclamation by Francis Fukuyama, the philosophy of this phenomenon is struggling hard to find its relevance. America being the so called champion of this ideology failed to uphold its credentials to a great extent because its Presidents, so far, could not remain committed to it. From Bush to Trump, a lot of intolerance has been seen in their policies- especially towards Muslims. The current president of America , is a special case in point.
The fact is that in the name of this ideology, America intervened gratuitously in many countries and destroyed them- all for maintaining its dwindling hegemony in global politics. In corresponding to this, Trump continues the same thread for more domination over countries. So, the country’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is another fluctuating example of his sinister intentions. This does not reflect the tongue of a liberal democrat but echoes the words of intolerance and enmity. Trump made the philosophy of pacifism irrelevant and outdated through this act of his He does not care about international norms but made a deliberate snub against these
As is known to the world, Israel is an illegal entity which was created by force, lacking legitimacy and acceptance in the world -especially in Muslim countries. From its inception till now, Israel has been facing stiff and vibrant resistance from the people of Palestine. After Trump’s decision of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the country faces a tough reaction in the form of the third intifada.
The prospect of this third intifada, real as it is, would take place against the backdrop of immense support at the level of societies, in the Arab/ Muslim world(s) but lack of support at the levels of states. This means that while Palestinians are not alone in their struggle and resistance against Israeli Occupation – at emotional levels- but at the levels of states in the Muslim world, this support would not be forthcoming. But, both historically and even contemporarily, the heroic people of Palestine has battled and resisted against great odds and injustices, despite the tepid or even now non- existent support for them in many capitals of the Arab world. As long as Palestinians carry on with their struggle, the day will not be far when justice will be delivered and the peoples of Palestine will be free. In the mean time, by its support for Israel and its latest decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the United States only succeeds in discrediting itself and its reigning ideologies. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine and belongs to Muslims which is the reality and the truth. Any distortion of it merely constitutes obsession, ignorance and ugliness. To this distortion, there is only one response and language and that is Resistance.

The author is pursuing a Masters in Political Science from the Kashmir University. He can be reached at: najarirfan7@gmail.com

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