Unscheduled power cuts annoy Beerwah residents

Unscheduled power cuts annoy Beerwah residents


BEERWAH: Frequent unscheduled power cuts have become a major problem in Berwaah town and adjoining villages.
The Power department is not sticking to schedule and resorting of power cuts way beyond.
The most affected areas include Chewdara, Sonpah, Rathsun, Gundipora, Ohangam, Arwah, Najan, Chakarpora, Arizal and Dasan, Meerpora, Goripora, Lolipora, Sail, and Aripathan areas of Beerwah.
Drung, Poshkar, Drung, Dalwash of Khag and other areas in Khanshaib and Magam are similarly affected.
Sameer Ul Azam, a B.A student said that due to the unscheduled power cuts they are not able to study properly. “During winter vacation about 50 percent of syllabus can be covered. But because of the power cut it is not possible”.
“If the government has given us early winter vacation, why don’t they give us electricity in the evening so that we could study” said Sameer.
Ghulam Ahmad Mir, a resident of beerwah said that even the degree college Beerwah was facing power cuts.
Pupinder Singh, running a photo studio Beerwah, said power cuts were drastically affecting his business.
“Every day I am using the generator for my studio, and it costs a lot. There is very little margin,” Singh said.
Altaf Ahmad, a junior engineer with PDD at Beerwah said that people were overloading the power system with heating gadgets.
“Every household uses three kilo watt of electricity, while the the agreement is for 0.5 kilo watt for domestic purposes. The people use heaters, geysers, washing machine and power blankets during the winter. The receiving station has not that capacity to tolerate that kind of load during the winter,” Ahmad said.
Superintendent of Electric Maintenance and Rural Electrification Circle 2ND, Aijaz Ahmad Dar said the 33KV line feeding the Beerwah receiving station comes from the Ahmadpora grid which is “overloaded during winters”.
“Sometimes we have go for forced cuts to safeguard costly equipments at Ahmadpora grid,” Dar said, adding that to improve power supply in Beerwah and Magam in future, “a new 33Kv line is being laid from Ahmadpora to Beerwah”.


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