Does watching TV serials lead women to evil, Women’s Commission asks people

Does watching TV serials lead women to evil, Women’s Commission asks people
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SRINAGAR: The Jammu & Kashmir State Commission for women have sought responses and opinions from general public on whether watching soap operas lead Kashmiri women to commit evil deeds.
This commission asked the question on its Facebook page after it received suggestions “from some men”.
“During one of our awareness (programmes), some men suggested to stop women watching star TV serials which teach them nothing except spying, infidelity (and) rebellion… I want (you) to respond this….what is (your) view about it….,” reads the Facebook page of Commission.
The post, however, received mixed responses from the people with many ridiculing the post and outrightly rejecting the suggestion, while others second it by claiming TV serials behind “moral degradation” of Kashmiri women.
“Good suggestion. TV programmes (have) a deep impact on our lives,” wrote Emraan Mohi-ud Din, a netizen. “Yes it is true. These serials are destroying the social setup (because a) lot of young women follow them without applying (their) mind,” responded another one.
Mocking Commission for discussing such issues, few of the users suggested commission to engage in “some better and more meaningful discussions” like shelter homes for women and helplines where women could get advice and counselling on legal matters.
“Are men who indulge in domestic violence fond of watching wrestling? Or are men who watch news all the time becoming paranoid and cranky? When that is not logical, how’s watching star plus causing anything?” a female netizen commented.
Continuing her arguments, she says: “These serials could be stupid like most of the stuff on TV is, including sports but to even discuss this is sexist. It assumes that women don’t have a mind of their own, that they are easily influenced and are foolish to be swayed by a TV soap”.
“…There are many more serious issues that women face. It will be wonderful if SWC can share some meaningful legal and advisory tips for women, something like things to do when faced with harassment in buses, on streets, at homes, in offices etc,” reads the comment.
Chairperson J&K commission for women, Nayeema Ahmad Mehjoor says that they can’t ask women to stop or start watching these serials and that they are discussing everything whatever feedback they receive and consider as debatable.
“Even if discussion on TV serials is a minor issue but our intention to discuss it was to have a communication and dialogue with people before it becomes a bigger issue. With arguments and counter-arguments we reach on a consensus or at the position which is for the larger benefit of the society,” she said.
She says that “even if the argument is a myth woven by some, as some opine, but by discussing it, we can break this myth at infancy stage and not let this to become lava to explode in future”.