Respect Privacy

Respect Privacy

Javid Ahmad Wani

A teacher couple was terminated from their services on the same day they were marrying each other. The timing of the phone call was such that it turned the joyous face of the teacher in contention, Tariq Bhat pale. The reasons for firing the couple as per the chairman of the school were that they married each other on their own choice- an allegation that Tariq and his wife clearly denied. They reside in the same village and argued that their marriage was arranged by their parents.
The issue is not whether their marriage was arranged or it was their own choice. In both the cases, the couple has exercised its right. The Right to marriage is a basic human right available to all humans without any distinction. Our religion does not bar a man to marry women of his choice. The Quran in Surah Nisa allows a man to marry women of his choice. It is written in the same Surah: marry women of your choice, two, three, or four. If you fear you could not do justice with them then marry only one?
But what is debatable is that a private school teacher can be sacked through a phone call. Does not law provide any safeguards for a private school teacher? Have private schools become so arrogant that they even don’t shy from flouting the basic human rights of a teacher. Isn’t there any authority that will regulate the working of private schools? Or, they have been simply left to do whatever suits them because in such schools the children of politicians, bureaucrats, and other elite classes are studying, and nobody wants to complain against them. Do private school have special mandate to discuss and intrude into the private lives of their employees?
The mandate of any private school management is to ensure that the teacher is delivering efficiently in the classroom, have command on his subject and skills to teach. No law has given the management the right to intrude into the privacy of a school teacher and insult him/her in public. Privacy is the fundamental right of every individual. Government being as the regulatory authority of the schools should ensure that stern action is taken against the erring management and the respect and dignity of teacher is restored. Education institutes are important for the development of any society. They cannot be left solely to whims and caprices of private individuals.

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