ML denounces Mehbooba’s remarks on Masarat as ‘political helplessness’

SRINAGAR: Muslim League Jammu Kashmir has termed the recent statement of chief minister Mehbooba Mufti on party’s incarcerated chairman Masrat Aalam as “political helplessness” and “violation and dishonouring of high court and other lower courts”.
Speaking during an interactive session with the audience at the India Ideas Conclave-2017 in Panaji, Goa on Friday night, Mehbooba while responding to a question about the possibility of adopting a soft approach towards resistance elements in the valley said, “We need to have a healing touch policy. It does not mean (going) soft. If tomorrow, the court lets (separatist leader) Masarat Alam go, in a democracy, what can you do? If he (Alam) goes to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court says there is nothing against him now and that you can’t hold him back anymore, what will you do?” she said.
“Would you say no?…No, you can’t! You have these institutions. We cannot undermine these institutions for the sake of one person,” she said.
Muslim League spokesperson Sajad Ayoubi in a statement said the way Mehbooba expressed her words/ideas “clearly shows her helplessness and exposes her position”.
“One can ask her ‘had she herself clearly understood the role and importance of courts of which she is trying to teach us the lessons’. If she understood, then one can ask her that the courts whose role and importance she has highlighted in Goa have quashed PSAs and other frivolous cases against Masarat Aalam Bhat and issued release orders in his favour but her government has slapped 36th PSA against the same person,” Ayoubi said.
He said the chief minister has dishonoured the role and importance of high court and other lower courts of JK. “Whenever the state courts issue release orders in favour of Masarat Alam, Mehbooba government doesn’t release him (for) political reasons,” he said.
“Now, if she suggests us to knock the door of Supreme Court, then this the (biggest) violation and disrespect of the State High Court and other lower courts,” the ML spokesperson said. “In fact, her (Mehbooba’s) statement contradicts with her actions and is nothing else than misleading people in order to save her chair.”