Legislation in Lok Sabha to amend Dentist Act

Legislation in Lok Sabha to amend Dentist Act
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New Delhi: The government has proposed to do away with the practice of nominating practising dentists who do not have required qualifications to the Dental Council of India through a legislation, tabled in the Lok Sabha Monday.
To make changes to the Dentist Act, 1948, Health Minister J P Nadda introduced the Dentists (Amendment) Bill, 2017.
Under the Act, the register of dentists is maintained in two parts — A and B. Part A consists of all dentists possessing recognised dental qualifications.
Part B comprises persons not holding such qualifications but are engaged in dentistry as principal means of livelihood for at least five years prior to commencement of the Act on March 29, 1948. Registration under Part B was permitted from a date prior to March 29, 1948.
This category was meant for persons displaced during Partition, those displaced from Bangladesh (since its formation in 1971) or repatriated from Burma or Ceylon after April 14, 1957 and before March 25, 1971, the Statement of Objects and Reasons said.
According to the government, no person has been registered under Part B after 1972.
Through this bill, the government proposes to omit the provisions for nominating those registered under Part B to the dental council, as well as for electing such people to state dental councils and joint state dental councils.
Currently, the central government has to nominate at least two members from Part B to the Dental Council of India.
The Act also provides for the constitution of state dental council with four members and joint state dental councils with two members elected from among themselves by dentists registered in Part B of the state register.
Through the amendment to the Act, the government would take away the mandatory requirement of representation of Part B dentists in these councils.
“There are approximately 950 dentists registered in Part B against 1.6 lakh dentists registered in Part A.
“Moreover, only few states and union territories like West Bengal, Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Puducherry, Punjab and Delhi have dentists registered in Part B,” the Statement said. PTI

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