No term like ‘martyr’ or ‘shaheed’ in our lexicon: MoD, MHA

No term like ‘martyr’ or ‘shaheed’ in our lexicon: MoD, MHA
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New Delhi: There is no term as “martyr” or “shaheed” in the Army or the police and instead a soldier or a policeman killed in action is called a “battle casualty” or “operations casualty” respectively, the ministries of defence and home have submitted before the Central Information Commission.
The issue surfaced after an RTI applicant approached the Union home ministry seeking to know the meaning and detailed definition of word “shaheed” (martyr) according to the law and the Constitution.
He also asked about the legal provisions to ensure restriction on its misuse and punishment for violation.
The application was transferred to different officials of the home and defence ministries but when the applicant could not get a satisfactory response, he approached the CIC, the highest appellate body in matters relating to the Right to Information Act.
The respondents from the ministries of defence and the home affairs were present and heard, Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad said.


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