‘Battle of ideas slogan’ a mere eyewash: DFP

SRINAGAR: Democratic Freedom Party on Friday said they strongly condemn the curfew and restrictions imposed in Srinagar and Anantnag to foil the political activities of pro-freedom people, saying that the “battle of ideas slogan” has proved a mere eyewash.
Reacting to the imposition of strict curfew in Anantnag and Srinagar areas on Friday, DFP secretary general, Moulana Mohammad Abdullah Tari, said in a statement that those rulers stand exposed now who used to say that “Democracy is the battle of Ideas.”
“To hold peaceful rallies is considered as the basic democratic right of the people in civilized world. However, Kashmiris do not taste this right. The imposition of curfew has become a norm whenever people decide to assemble and raise their voice peacefully,” DFP said in a statement.
Moulana Tari said that to punish and harass the resilient people of Kashmir has become a regular feature of the ruling regime which keeps breaking its records of repression and revenge on people.
He added, “While the people of Kashmir from the past 70 years have been relentlessly struggling for securing their basic political right acknowledged and guaranteed by the world, and sacrificing tremendously for it, the rulers in the disputed region have been working for New Delhi, and thus not allowing people to put forth their political view freely.”
Moulana Tari further said that he condemn the arresting of dozens of pro-freedom leaders and activists, adding, “If the dispute like Kashmir is to be resolved according to the wishes of people, it is necessary to create an atmosphere where a meaningful dialogue can take place.”
He added that this has been the main policy of our incarcerated and ailing chairman, Shahbir Ahmad Shah, who is held up in Tihar jail.