Students protest against sale of liquor

Students protest against sale of liquor

Kaiser Majeed

Srinagar: Scores of students from various educational institutions on Thursday held a silent protest at press enclave against liquor consumption and demanded immediate ban on its supply.
The protest was organized under the banner of ‘Safe Srinagar’ in collaboration with Lafz Band. According to its members, the organization has nearly 100 members and the protest was aimed to convey a message to authorities to ban sale of alcohol and its consumption.
“If states like Bihar can ban alcohol. Why can’t we? We don’t want our future to be destroyed. We demand complete ban on its sale here”, said Azaan Showkat, a resident of Srinagar.
Another member of the organization government should take consider ban on sale of liquor due to its muslim majority population.
They said that most of the people don’t recognize alcohol as a drug, but it is actually one of the most commonly used and abused drug throughout the world. It is important that people recognize the ill-effects of alcohol use. We are trying to reach out to the community and raise awareness about it” they added.
The further said that will continue the campaign and pressurize the authorities to ban the liquor stores in the valley.

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