KCCI denounces govt decision to link Aadhaar with power connections

Taking a serious note of the news reported in the local press about the decision taken in a meeting held under the chairmanship of deputy chief minister regarding linking Aadhaar Card with electricity consumer connections to improve the revenue collection position, the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry in a statement issued here on Thursday termed the decision ‘illogical and untimely’ as “the power position in the state is so grim that consumers do not get more than 6-7 hours power on average”.
“Despite severe cold, the consumers in general are forced to live through dark nights,” the statement read adding “the voltage is so erratic during the supply hours that electric gadgets fail to function or get damaged frequently”.
The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry has urged the government to put in its efforts to “improve working of the power generation projects” so as to ensure uninterrupted power supply “instead of pushing the otherwise power-starved consumer to wall with illogical and annoying decisions to improve revenue generation of the state”, it further read.