It was a Snowfall !!

It was a Snowfall !!

By Mir Umar

The tale started in the evening. It was immense cold outside and the news of snowfall came as a balm. Everyone was excited to see snowfall after a long time. It would be the season’s first and It be been different for each and every individual. Children were too excited and were planning to make their ‘snow man’. All wishes and concerns rose minute after minute. Finally, it was night time and people went to sleep, including me.
Next day, I just got up from drowsy sleep, with a hope that there would be snow everywhere. I got near my window pane, moved curtains and a strong dioptric light stroked through my eyes and blurry windows made me excited to go outside and see what it had been all the night.
When I went outside, I saw a white carpet stretched all over the mountains, lanes, hills, tresses, roofs of the houses and even our courtyard. Coming all along from the hills of Himalayas, snowballs never crossed their feet to any other place. The snow had stretched its arms to every space and even houses making them jewel like structures. The beautiful hills and mountains blessed with snow appeared like portraits to me. Trees were looking like festoons, decorated and lightening naturally. Their withered bodies had refreshed again. It was finally a snowfall. The tiny snow balls were continuously dancing from the sky and touching the feet of the ground. Birds fluttering here and there when children’s feet touched the festoon.
I got near to the wall which divides our house with rest of the town. Pedestrians found no way. Where to go? They had lost their way! Yes, roads covered with snow projected the same image . It was snow everywhere.
All of a sudden, I heard the voice of some children; they were singing ballads to snowfall with full gaiety. Little kids were already on the roads with umbrellas in their hands with cheerful smiles on their faces. Their world seemed to be refreshed again. Running in the alleys of hamlet with sledges in their hands, they built their temples with snow, breaking all fetters away
There was no way to go outside; the courtyard was fully covered with snow. There were footprints but without feet. “Who has been here too early?”,a question arose in my mind.
Abruptly I heard, “Sheen Mubarak”. I looked here and there, looking for the person who had greetings for us. It was a pheran clad woman sitting on the edge of the window, looking outside and greeting her fellow neighbor with full festivity. It came as a joyful moment for me. I thought, really something has reunited us again. Snow could be an answer! There was no one on the roads but the lonely footprints produced the images of people. Smoke was fluttering from the chimneys. All of a sudden, my feet were wet and my hands cold. I could feel now the coldness of snow. It was scattered everywhere on the ground. I made my mind to go back. Hurriedly, I ran through the snow, destroying all the festoons and struggled for my shelter. Slippery boots increased my ferocity against the snow. Finally, I came back, took a deep breath and entered my home. The recollection I had ingrained in my mind was that of a fantastic, memorable experience that I would remember for a long time

—The author is a Student of Comparative Literature. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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