OIC declares East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

OIC declares East Jerusalem as Palestinian capital
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Srinagar: The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has declared East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, rejecting the US stance as “dangerous”, and called on the international community to follow in its footsteps, Aljazeera reported Wednesday evening.
The group of Muslim leaders called on all countries to “recognise the State of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its occupied capital”.
Quoting a statement of the OIC the report said that the 57-member group remains committed to a “just and comprehensive peace based on the two-state solution”.
It also called on the UN to “end the Israeli occupation” of Palestine and declared US President Donald Trump’s administration liable for “all the consequences of not retracting from this illegal decision”.
“[We] consider that this dangerous declaration, which aims to change the legal status of the [city], is null and void and lacks any legitimacy,” the group said.
Speaking earlier in the day, the OIC’s secretary general Yousef al-Othaimeen rejected the United States’ decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Al-Othaimeen urged Muslim leaders to work together to present a united response to the move.
“The OIC rejects and condemns the American decision,” he said. “This is a violation of international law … and this is a provocation of the feelings of Muslims within the world.
“It will create a situation of instability in the region and in the world.”
Speaking before al-Othaimeen, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the US had “disqualified” itself from future Israel-Palestine peace talks after proving its “bias in favour of Israel”.
Founded in 1969, the OIC bills itself as “the collective voice of the Muslim world”.

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