Geelani condemns killings in Palestine

Geelani condemns killings in Palestine

Asks OIC members to wake up and act in unison

Srinagar: Expressing deep sorrow on killings and injuring of peaceful protestors in Jerusalem, the Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani Monday termed these killings as terrorism and beastly act.
In a statement issued here, Geelani called for unity among Muslim Ummah and urged the OIC to act unitedly against the “anti-Muslim move” of US recognising Jerusalam as capital of Israel.
Terming the move unjust, biased, anti-Islam and unrealistic, Geelani said that prevailing situation in Palestine was very painful and added that Zionist forces were hatching conspiracies against Muslim Ummah.
Referring to 57 Muslim countries, Geelani said that it is unfortunate that instead of rendering their services for Muslim Ummah, they were acting as puppets of the West and facilitating their agenda.
Lamenting at the ruling class in Muslim countries, Geelani said that they are acting as mute spectators over genocide carried by west and instead “purchase ammunition worth billions from these killers to supress and subjugate their innocent people”.
“Allah has bestowed Muslim countries with enormous and rich resources for generating revenue and income,” said Geelani. “Unfortunately these resources are being wasted over personnel luxuries for elite class.”
Geelani accused US of carrying out killing spree in Muslim countries and said that it has turned Muslim world into a battle ground. Blaming US for disturbances, bloodshed and terrorist activities in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, Geelani added that other countries including Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and other Muslim countries are their next target. Commenting over UN role in Palestine, Geelani said that the world body has failed and follows agenda of US.
“Had OIC been active and followed effective strategies, Israel could not have carried its genocide in Palestine.” Geelani added that the ruling class in Muslim countries are living in an illusion and fail to comprehend that they too are not safe and sooner or later it may be their turn. Geelani impressed member countries of OIC to take concrete measures to improve this organisation and put halt to infighting among ummah. He said that Muslims are involved in infighting over sectarian issues among Shia and Sunnis.
“If we overcome this issue, we can definitely defeat devilish plans of Israel,” he said while stressing on OIC to play a pivotal role in solving the problem of Palestinians and Kashmir dispute on priority basis.


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