Women must be offered seats in passenger vehicles

Women must be offered seats in passenger vehicles

Police book 71 offenders for not ensuring reserved seats

Srinagar: Traffic police Srinagar booked 71 drivers of buses and mini buses during last week for not ensuring the seats reserved for women passengers of public transport. The move comes after an advisory was issued by traffic police asking public transporters to ensure that seats reserved for women are actually occupied by the women passengers.
A fine up to Rs 14200 was collected from 71 violators.
“The special drive shall continue, and if the driver, conductor is found violating the government order repeatedly, the route permit of his vehicle shall be recommended for suspension,” said a police statement.
“General public is also appealed to offer the seats reserved for women to the women passengers in buses and mini buses in public transport. In case women are not travelling in the bus or mini bus, the seat may be occupied by the male passengers who shall vacate these seats in case any woman boards, the said vehicle en-route,” police said.


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