Why Jerusalem Matters

Why Jerusalem Matters
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By Younis Wasti

Jerusalem has been the converging point of civilizations and is the important place from both a Palestinian and an Israeli point of view. The presence of the grand Church and the importance of the Levant region in the Christian Bible mapped with places and pointedly Jerusalem , and the Muslim Arabs, who revere the region no less than Jews and Christians because of the traditions, places and the Prophets in the Noble Quran; the Islamic book, are referred with the same reverence. Furthermore, the Quran and the Muslim traditions never use the same laxity with the Ibrahamic Prophets as the Bible uses. Jerusalem is the place of respect in whole of Middle- East, West- Asia and the Levant region; besides, the folk tales of the region mostly in Arabic language are ready references for the respect that Jerusalem has in the minds and hearts of the people living in the region- irrespective of religion, tribe and the race. J
Jerusalem is and has been the terminal point in the lives of the people of the region that is why present Pope of Christians reiterated that Jerusalem is not and must not be the Capital of Israel rather an international tourist destination and place of Worship for all the three important Monotheistic Faiths- Judaism, Christianity and Islam— as was envisaged and applied by Omer(RA)- the Ameer-ul-Mumineen of Islam after Abu Bakr the first Caliph of Islam. When the keepers of the Temple and the Holy place came out to hand over the keys to Omer(RA) and began to run away, Ameer-ul-Mumineen stopped them and restored to these what was due to them. The people of his own faith never disturbed the convergence established.
Americans is in the midst of decline and there is tremendous animus against the country. It must, therefore, win more friends rather than make enemies but the foolish dealer of a President’s by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and shifting its embassy to Jerusalem reckless decision might bring more trouble to the already violence battered West- Asia, Middle- East and Levant region. The respective governments of the Middle- East, especially Saudi Arabia and its young Turk Crown Prince Muhammad ibn Salmon should think cautiously and gear up the efforts to resist the American decision, use his office and influence. Otherwise much damage might be done.
The hawkishness with which Trump shifted the American embassy and supported the Israeli decision of declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and recognising and owning the decision is tantamount to the Oslo Accord 1993, signed by Shimon Pares and Yasser Arafat which took the world by storm, agreeing to bring truce to the region put the two state accord into jeopardy.
So, the present world needs to enliven the same spirit of love, peaceful coexistence with universal brotherhood which was made certain by Omer, the first Ameer-Ul-Mumineen of Islam, and make Jerusalem a place of world destination.
Overall, world again is in search of a bigger and wider State; that of Medina, which was stipulated by Muhammad (PBUH) through Constitution of Medina—the first written Agreement or Treaty in human history to live harmoniously and this Treaty was signed in first week of August 622 AD— essentially, the Treaty gave prominence to justice and equality. Yes, it was totally territorial. And, the world must strive to conform to this ideal.

—The author is a lecturer (10+2) in the Department of Education and teaches English. He can be reached at: malik70jks@gmail.com