‘UN responsible for chaos in Palestine, Kashmir’

‘UN responsible for chaos in Palestine, Kashmir’
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SRINAGAR: Blaming United Nations Organisation (UNO) for chaos and uncertainty in Palestine, Jammu and Kashmir, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other parts of the world, the joint resistance leadership (JRL) on Saturday said in order to regain its credibility, this institution has to review its policies, fulfil its obligations and resolve all issues pertaining to subjugated nations.
In a statement, the JRL said although UNO has formulated a charter in 1947 to safeguard basic rights pertaining to nations, this institution has failed to provide and secure these cherished rights.
“Till now, more than two lakh people were brutally killed by forces in Kashmir. It is unfortunate that UNO has failed to play its role (and) halt the ongoing bloodshed in the state,” the JRL said. “It is India that took the case in UNO and pledged to ascertain the aspirations of people of Jammu and Kashmir through plebiscite but denied it and through coercive tactics continues its illogical and unconstitutional occupation.”
Referring to “horrendous situations and unabated human rights violations” in J&K, the JRL said people are striving for their “just” rights which New Delhi has dealt with by “martyring tens and thousands of Kashmiris, subjecting over ten thousand people to enforced disappearances, molesting seven thousand women, burying thousands in unmarked graves, blinding hundreds, maiming thousands, damaging property worth billions, harassing people, torturing youth with third degree in interrogation centres, oppression and suppression, arrests and detentions, restrictions, and custodial killings”.
“People, political leaders are detained, caged and PSA slapped without applying any sense and any logic,” the JRL said and impressed upon UNO to “take cognisance of worsening situations in state and facilitate the situation for seeking people’s verdict with regards to their political destiny”.
“It is quite sad that instead of (fulfilling their) duty, the member countries affiliated with UNO are taking their business interests into consideration, ignoring the grave situation resulted out of forced occupation,” it said.


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